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Technical information: the portable car lift
The VH Easy Car Lifter (mobile lift) is electrically powered and movable on wheels.
CE approved capacity is 2.5 ton but it raises a maximum of 3.5 ton. No maintenance needed, usable anywhere, operating on 220 volt mains. Lifting height is 95 cm.
Dead weight: 85 kg. Up and down speed: 35 seconds. Electrically operated up and down lift by a secured lever. Floor space: 0.68 m by 1.00 m, height: 1.25 m
The ideal lift for preparation of bodywork: the height of the car lift is adjustable (for sanding, welding or assembling). Also useful in the spray booth for applying primer and paint in otherwise inaccessible places. The VH EASY CAR LIFTER is workload reducing because the vehicle is accessible from the front, the sides and the back. Working on the vehicle becomes very easy while welding, polishing or painting the body. To access the mechanical parts of the vehicle, a MC.Pherson spring compressor and a cable reel is available.
The VH EASY CAR LIFTER won three international awards for the most INNOVATIVE product in the car industry.
The vehicle can be lifted by the wheel or with a universal rubber bloc.
Technical information: the VH EASY AIR JACK
The best solution for all your work on vehicles for which you need a jack. We offer this car jack in a large number of models for passenger cars, vans, SUV’s, trucks, buses, agricultural vehicles, trailers, actually for every conceivable vehicle or machine. VH EASY AIR JACKS have a unique design. Operated by air pressure, the vehicle is quickly and easily lifted and lowered. Because of safety, reliability and high operating speed, the VH EASY AIR JACK is the ideal tool for working on the bottom side of the car, for changing tires, for bodywork actions and other repairs. Extremely reliable. All VH EASY AIR JACKS are subject to a strict quality control during production. Extremely reliable.
All VH EASY AIR JACKS are subject to a strict quality control during production. Each jack is tested separately at the maximum pressure and checked for reliability. For cars, buses, trucks, etc. There is an appropriate jack for all different loading capacities and lift heights. Quality guaranteed. The manufacturer produces and tests its products according to international standard DIN 76 024. The products come with 24 months warranty. The jacks are TÜV/GS approved.
Fast and user friendly. With only two controls, the VH EASY AIR JACKS is swift and easy to operate. Designed for high stability. The VH EASY AIR JACK has a telescopic arm mounted. Thanks to this arm, the jack remains stable during the lifting process. Safety valve against overloading. The workload for the VH EASY AIR JACKS is 100 psi (690 kPa). For maximum safety, the jacks are equipped with a safety valve on the control panel on the side of the operator. Low maintenance and long lifespan. There are few moving parts, making the VH EASY AIR JACK cost-effectively in maintenance. A VH EASY AIR JACK with a long and reliable lifespan is an investment in speed. Safety and efficiency. In this way, downtime costs for repairs and costs for spare parts and maintenance are reduced maximally. You only need an air pressure conduit. When the car is lifted, the air pressure conduit can be applied for other tools (f.e. a pneumatic hammer). The jack only needs pressure for lifting! You can find all models of the car jack HERE. Benefits of the VH easy air jack compared to traditional jacks: lightweight, no loss of air pressure, no loss of oil, high-speed lifting, easy storage. CE standard
DIN 76 024.
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